Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Physics is good for developing (and understanding) new technologies that allow locoweed to do things they could not do forwards. One technology that we mental picture for granted is the ability to make a good cheer of a document. 100 years ago, this was impossible. Try to imagine what the following actions would cost, in time and money, if you could not make copies for a nickel. 1. test that you already paid your phone bill. 2. Give 20 mess up a map to your ho practice. 3. Provide 50 students with a calendar of subjects and assignments in a college course. 4. Inform all the employees of a great(p) corporation about a change in course policy. A brief history of photocopying 1. 1906 The inventor of the photocopying machine, Chester F. Carlson, is born in Seattle, WA. Also, the Haloid Company is founded in Rochester, N.Y. 2. 1958 The Haloid Company changes its name to Haloid run off, Inc. 3. 1959 The source unornamented wallpaper office duplicator is announced, t he xerographic duplicator 914. 4. 1961 Haloid Xerox changes its annme to Xerox corporation. Also, Xerox listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 5. 1968 goal of Chester Carlson 6. 1976 The determination Xerox 914 is sold. 7. 1988 2 millionth XEROX copier produced Photocopiers: passing play into almost any business office, and youll plausibly find a photocopier (copier) with a line of lot waiting to use it.For most businesses, small or large, the copier has become banner equipment, much like having a desk to cook at and a chair to sit in. What if you had to resort to reservation carbon copies of strategic documents, as many people did before copiers came along? Or worse, imagine how tedious it would be if you had to recopy everything by fall out! Most of us dont call back about whats going on inside a copier while we wait for copies to drive neatly out into the paper tray, but its pretty frightening to think that, in stainless seconds, you can produce an involve r eplica of whats on a sheet of paper! direct! , we will explore what happens later you press Start on a photocopier. ï‚·...If you want to get going a full essay, put together it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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